Northwest Swiss-Matic utilizes up-to-date state-of-the-art inspection equipment, along with other assorted measuring equipment traceable to NIST standards. Northwest Swiss-Matic also offers first article inspection, PFMEA, and PPAP services to suit our customer needs.

Some of our Quality Measuring Equipment includes:

  • Oasis (Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System)- with Continuous Image Acquisition for instant measurements, capable of simultaneous measurement of multiple dimensions, non-contact operation, built in inspection reporting. The Oasis can measure a variety of dimensions and locations with accuracy and repeatability within ± .0002
  • Mitutoyo roundness tester RA-100
  • Circularity, cylindricity, concentricity, and run-out with accuracy and repeatability within ±.000050
  • Mitutoyo tool maker’s micrometer
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • 14” J&L optical comparator
  • Zeiss profilometer
  • Micro-Vu 16” optical comparator
  • Starrett Sigma 18” optical comparator
  • LSM 3000 laser scan micrometer- uses a laser beam to measure part sizes that range from .010 to 1.150 with an accuracy of ±.000002
  • Various gage blocks, pins, micrometers, and other calibrated tools

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